Student Resources

Incoming Students

Welcome to the MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics!

First Steps

If you need your Student Identification Number, you can log into your applicant account or contact the IAS Graduate Office.

Set up your UW NetID. 

Your UW NetID is needed for access to many University of Washington systems, including registration, campus employment, and the libraries.

If you are, or were previously, a UW student or employee, you will continue to use your existing UWNetID.

All others should:

  • Follow the instructions to create your UW NetID. You will be asked to choose a UW NetID as well as a password. 
  • If you need assistance setting up your UW NetID, please call (206) 543-5970.

Set up your G Suite and UW email here


See Current First-Year Courses for your course requirements and listings.

Visit the MFA Registration page for instructions on how to register.

The following requirements are conditions of enrollment that need to be met in or before Autumn Quarter, or your Winter Quarter registration may be placed on hold. 

UW Immunization Requirements. As a public health measure, the University of Washington requires verification of Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) and Meningococcal Quadrivalent (A,C,Y,W-135) immunity for students matriculating at the UW for the first time. Specific requirements are a function of your age and program. Students must submit proof of immunity in order to enroll in classes on any campus at the UW.  

See details for your specific requirements here. You can submit your documentation online.  Please note that processing can take 3-5 weeks. Act now to ensure that your registration is not delayed. 

Transcript Verification. The UW Graduate School must verify your (four-year) bachelor’s degree (or a higher degree). Check your application account to confirm the transcript that requires verification; check the official transcript requirements; and then submit an official transcript to  Graduate Enrollment Management Services as outlined on the Official Transcript Requirements pageNote that electronic delivery via Certified Electronic Transcripts to is the preferred delivery method.

Your Student Profile

On our Current Students page, we maintain a set of student profiles consisting of a short bio and a digital photo.  These profiles facilitate students' introductions to one another, within and across cohorts, and also help the program faculty get to know you.

Introduce you to your peers and the program by submitting your biographical information and a digital photograph of your choosing!

Submit your Profile and Photo 

Please note: The dropbox for your profile is a UW Google Form.  To submit your profile, you will need to set up your UW Google Suite and log in via your UW NetID.  This lets the Google Form recognize you as a "member" and submit materials.

U501 Graduate School Orientation

University 501 (U501) is a self-guided, online resource designed for UW graduate and professional students at all three campuses. It is intended to help prepare you for your arrival and entry into graduate study at the University of Washington.

U501 is open to all incoming and current graduate students. U501 is hosted on the Canvas platform and available to UW students with a valid NetID. 

U501 has 5 different modules. Each module is made up of several pages with videos, written content, and links to get more information. You may start and stop the modules at any point and continue where you stopped at any time.

  • Module 1: Welcome! So, What Exactly is Graduate Education?
  • Module 2: Preparing for Arrival (Location, Location, Location)
  • Module 3: Nuts & Bolts of Being a Student
  • Module 4: Finding Support When You Need It
  • Module 5: Taking Care of You

Use your UWNetID to log onto U501 now!

Program Communications

Listservs: Your cohort will have a dedicated listserv with all of your UW email addresses. The cohort-specific one will be the listserv we use to communicate program information, class information, dates and deadlines, and more. If you wish to use this to communicate with your cohort-mates, you are welcome to do so, however please keep in mind that the Grad Office staff and the MFA Director receive these emails. The first time you send an email to this list your email may be held for moderation causing a delay, but after that first time you should be all set. There is a second listserv that you will be added to which is for both cohorts of MFA students.

Other Email Accounts:

  • Calls for Submission: We manage two additional email accounts that you will now begin to receive messages from. The first is “Calls for Submission”. We use this account to forward calls for submission from magazines, journals, websites, contests, etc. to the current MFA students and alumni. These forwards should not be considered endorsements from the MFA program, but simply notifications should you wish to submit your work.
  • Funding: The second email account we manage is “Funding”. From this email address you’ll receive notifications of funding opportunities both within and outside of UW. You may see scholarships, fellowships, internships, jobs, teaching posts, etc. from this email account. Some posts may be relevant for you while others may not be so use your own filters. 

Please contact the IAS Graduate Office at or 425-352-3406 with questions about the MFA program.