MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics

Advising Resources

MFA Faculty 

The MFA faculty serve as your creative and academic advisors formally and informally, as teachers and mentors, and the MFA provides a variety of venues to interact with them, from core courses to readings, events, and salons.

In the transition from the first to second year of the program, you will formalize a relationship with faculty members who will supervise and support your thesis work as your Thesis Advisor and your Second Reader.  Read more on the Thesis Advising page.

Writing & Communication Center (WACC)

The Writing & Communication Center (WACC) offers invaluable feedback and advice to students on all stages of the writing process. IAS students often schedule recurring meetings with advisors to improve their assignments, final projects, and presentations. Graduate students are the only types of students who can schedule longer appointments at two-hours long. MFA students are particularly suited to work at the WACC as student advisors and editors.


There are professional staff at the campus library who specialize in assisting graduate students in their research. Check out this list of subject librarians available to help.

Community Collaborators

Faculty, students, and alumni of the MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics are engaged in a number of fruitful community partnerships and collaborations that can be resources for your development and a vital source of advice, strategy, and feedback. A short list of primary partners and cultural institutional partners includes:

Making use of these resources can help ensure your success in the program and enhance the quality and relevance of your work. 

Career Services

Careers Services provides professional development resources specific to graduate students, including career exploration and planning and skills development in resumes, networking, Interviewing, and more. You can make an appointment, come to our drop-in hours, or attend a Professional Development Seminar. 

IAS Graduate Office

The IAS Graduate Office also provides several other important advising resources, including information about UW Graduate School policies and procedures, registering for courses at other UW campuses, and matters not related directly to the MFA curriculum and thesis.

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center provides numerous services to meet the needs of students, parents, faculty, and staff. Counseling Center offers confidential, short-term counseling to enrolled UWB and Cascadia students free of charge.  We offer same day crisis appointments, individual counseling, group counseling and couples counseling.