Policies and Procedures


Registration Overview

You are responsible for registering for your own courses and for changing your registration as needed via the MyUW website by the appropriate deadlines listed on the Academic Calendar. The Time Schedule of Classes is typically posted online at by the 4th week of the previous quarter.

Review the program requirements and options linked below. 

Add/drop deadlines, tuition schedules and deadlines, grading options, withdrawal policies, and the tuition exemption policy should be reviewed before the quarter begins.

Step 1: Find Your Courses

Please refer to Current First Year Courses and Current Second Year Courses for listings by quarter.  Students doing thesis and thesis practicum credits will receive specific registration instructions and codes from the  IAS Graduate Office. 

You can also locate your BCWRIT classes in the Bothell Time Schedule: look for the specific academic quarter, the School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences listing, and click the appropriate curriculum name/abbreviation.

Note the five-digit Schedule Line Number (SLN) of each course you plan to take. You’ll need these numbers when you register on MyUW.

Step 2: Register for Your Courses

  • Go to MyUW and log in with your UW NetID and password.
  • In the Registration or Quick Links section, click “Register using SLN codes.” 
  • If this is your first time registering for the quarter, you must acknowledge understanding of a number of items (such as vaccines, voter registration, campus security and U-PASS) before you can register. Follow the prompts to complete each screen.
  • On the Registration screen, in the SLN column, enter the SLN of each of your courses. Then click the “Update Schedule” button. For BCWRIT 700 Thesis and BCWRIT 599 Thesis Practicum, you will also need to enter the number of credits you are enrolling for and a faculty code, available from the IAS Graduate Office
  • If registration was successful, you’ll see a green check mark. Be sure to confirm that you registered for the courses you intended, as a typo can easily enroll you in the wrong course.
  • In your browser, return to the MyUW tab. On the home page, under the name of the quarter you just registered for, click the arrow to see your new schedule. (You may need to refresh your browser first.)

Making Changes to Your Registration

Before making changes, review all registration and add/drop deadlines on the UW Academic Calendar.

To add a course to your schedule

  • Go to MyUW and log in with your UW NetID and password.In the Registration or Quick Links section, click “Register using SLN codes.” A new browser tab will open.
  • On the Registration screen, under Add the following sections, in the SLN column, enter the SLN of the course you want to add.
  • Click “Update Schedule.”

To remove a course from your schedule

  • Go to MyUW and log in with your UW NetID and password.
  • In the Registration or Quick Links section, click “Register using SLN codes.” A new browser tab will open.
  • On the Registration screen, in the Drop from schedule column, check the box next to the course you wish to drop.
  • Click “Update Schedule.”

To change the number of credits

Some courses are offered for variable credits. If you need to change the number of credits for a course you’ve already registered for, you’ll need to drop and then add the course again with the correct number of credits.

New Student Registration Resources 

Measles Immunization Form

If you're a new student registering for the first time, you’ll also need to fill out the Measles Immunity Verification form and return it to the UW Bothell Registrar’s Office per the instructions on the form.


MyUW is a web-based tool used for finding course schedules, registration deadlines, and many other resources at the University of Washington. You can personalize MyUW to fit your needs by including or excluding the services you see listed, adding bookmarks to your favorite links, and choosing the background and accent colors you prefer. To access MyUW, you must first create your UW NetID.


Follow the online instructions. You will be asked to choose a UW NetID as well as a password. If you need assistance setting up your UW NetID, please contact Information Technology (IT).

MyUW will prompt you to enter your PAC (Private Access Code). Please do not share your PAC with anyone. If you forget your PAC, you must visit the UW Bothell Admissions Office in person to reset the code.

Registration Procedure

Once you have created your UW NetID, log on to MyUW using your UW NetID and password. From the Student Personal Services menu on the left side of the MyUW home page, select Registration. 

After registering, you may log on to MyUW as often as you like to check the status of sections, list your confirmed schedule, add or drop courses, or check your account balance.

MyUW System Features

Visual Schedule

Displays your quarterly class schedule in a calendar format. From Personal Services in MyUW, select Visual Schedule from the list of Services.

Course Availability

Beginning Period I, you may log on to MyUW at any time to check course availability. You can also find this information in the time schedule.

Student Account and Loan Status Inquiries

Log on to MyUW to:
•    Find your current account balance
•    Get a summary of disbursed financial aid and check availability
•    Determine if outside lender loan funds are available
•    Get the latest recorded student account payment


MyUW will list officially recorded grades for the most recently completed quarter. To list all grades, click on the upside-down triangle next to the quarter displayed and scroll down. Select “All Quarters” and submit. This will list your entire UW record.

Change of Address

Use this service to change your addresses (local and permanent) provided to the Student Directory and used by the Office of the Registrar, Office of Student Financial Aid, Student Accounts Office, Student Loans Office, and other University departments and offices. You may also use this feature to change your directory release information.

Need registration help?

Technical support with MyUW: contact  help@uw.edu (UW-IT)
Issues related to balances or payments: contact c2reg@uw.edu or
206-543-2310 (UW Continuum College/UWPCE Registration Services)
Questions about add codes, curriculum, electives? Contact iasgrad@uw.edu 
or 425-352-3406.