MFA Application for Conference Funding

The MFA has limited funding to support students participating in relevant conferences and professional development opportunities. Students are eligible to apply for up to $400 in conference/professional development funding per academic year. Priority will be given to (1) students accepted to present work, (2) conferences and/or professional development opportunities aligned with the MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics program. Some consideration will be given to student's year in the program and whether they have received prior funding.

For timely processing of applications, please apply by December 15 . Applicants can expect to hear back about the status of their application in 4-5 weeks max. If for some, reason you decide to go to a conference later in the academic year, please let us know, and we will establish a separate due date for you and others who may also be inclined.

Applicants must be matriculated current students and enrolled full-time at the time of the respective conference/professional development opportunity. Funding may be used for conference/workshop registration, lodging, food & drink (not including alcohol), presentation supplies, and transportation.

Students may also be eligible for $300 in additional funding from the UW Graduate School. You may apply for GSFEI funding only once every two years. You must apply for funding at least 1 month prior to your travel dates. This funding can only be used for transportation costs, and students are only eligible if they are presenting at the conference. To apply, enter the requested amount in the UW Graduate School transportation funding field of the application.

This funding is disbursed in the form of a reimbursement check 4 – 8 weeks after receipts are submitted. In order to receive reimbursement for conference travel, you must pay individually for your own expenses, including flights, lodging, meals, etc. Receipts submitted for reimbursement may only include expenses you incurred as an individual. If you wish to share lodging with another student, you are still required to submit a separate receipt verifying your individual payment. Many hotels will split the bill onto separate cards. If you wish to travel with another student, you must book and pay for flights or other transportation separately to ensure you have an acceptable receipt. Reimbursement will not exceed the approved funding amount and will only be made to the person whose credit card was charged and whose name is on the receipt. Be sure to carefully read the Reimbursement Policy at the bottom of this page:

To apply:

  1. Fill out this application and submit it electronically. Keep a copy for your records (you will be emailed a copy).
  2. Once you receive approval (from the IAS Graduate Office via email), proceed with registering for, traveling to, and participating in the conference. Keep all receipts for expenses associated with travel.
  3. When you return from the conference, email or bring your receipts and, if approved for GSFEI funding, documentation that you presented (i.e. a conference program) to the IAS Graduate Office. The IAS Graduate Office will then process your reimbursement.

Deadline: Please apply for MFA funding by December 15 th . If you wish to apply after that deadline, please contact the IAS Graduate Office first. Please check the GSFEI website for deadlines to apply for this funding:

Certification: By submitting this application, I certify that the information I have entered below is correct to the best of my knowledge.

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