Policies and Procedures

Petitions and Forms

BCWRIT Elective Petitions and Forms

The following elective options require approval by your thesis advisor AND the faculty member who is supervising/advising the elective (if different than your thesis advisor).

Please follow the instructions below to complete your petition.  Save a personal copy and then submit it for approval by attaching it and emailing the IAS Graduate Office

The IAS Graduate Office will verify your advisors' approval(s), and will then send you the codes and information required for registration. 

BCWRIT 517 Teaching Practicum

To petition for a Teaching Practicum, download and complete the linked Word document; then submit to iasgrad@uw.edu

BCWRIT 520 Internship

To petition for an Internship, review the resources linked under "Internship," above; download and complete the "Internship Proposal and Agreement;" and then submit to iasgrad@uw.edu

BCWRIT 598 Directed Research

To petition for Directed Research, click on the link for "Directed Research" and click "Submit."  It will be automatically routed to the IAS Graduate Office.