Policies and Procedures

Petitions and Forms

BCWRIT Elective Petitions and Forms

The following elective option require approval by your thesis advisor AND the faculty member who is supervising/advising the elective (if different than your thesis advisor).

To petition for Directed Research, click on the link for "Directed Research" and click "Submit."  It will be automatically routed to the IAS Graduate Office.

The IAS Graduate Office will verify your advisors' approval(s), and will then send you the codes and information required for registration. 

BCWRIT 598 Directed Research

Directed research constitutes independent study conducted with, or under the supervision of an MFA faculty member, and may take multiple forms, including (1) focused inquiry into specific ideas, issues, or topics, and/or selected analytical and/or creative methods; (2) applied inquiry that is site-based or practice-based, in the form of an internship/practicum at an arts, educational, or community organization. 

To propose a course of directed research, please discuss your interests and ideas with the MFA faculty member you wish to work with, then need to submit a Petition for Directed Research which outlines your planned course of study. 

If you are planning to do a site-based internship, please consult the internship resources: completing a learning contract with your MFA supervisor and your site supervisor is strongly advised.