Policies and Procedures

Petitions and Forms

Petitions and Forms

Master's Degree Request

The Master's Degree Request is submitted in your final quarter of enrollment, and is your notice to the Graduate School that you intend to complete and graduate.

It can only be submitted after the first day of instruction, and must be submitted before the last day of instruction.  You cannot graduate without it!

Submit your Master's Degree Request (UWNetID and login required)

Graduate School Forms

The Graduate School requires forms and petitions to initiate processes such as going on leave or reinstatement See a full list of Graduate School Forms here.

Registrar Forms

The UW Bothell Registrar requires forms and petitions for adding or dropping courses past deadline, and other registration related requests.  See a full list of Registration Forms here. 

For questions related to forms, petitions, and related processes, please consult with the IAS Graduate Office and the MFA Director.