Policies and Procedures

Degree Completion

Degree Completion Requirements

Required First Year Courses

BCWRIT 500 Writing Workshop: Between Prose and Poetry (5 credits)
BCWRIT 501 Writing Workshop: Between Fact and Imagination (5 credits)
BCWRIT 502 Writing Workshop: Processes of Thinking and Memory (5 credits)
BCWRIT 510 Poetics Seminar: Cultural Change and Writing (5 credits)
BCWRIT 511 Poetics Seminar: Writer's Research (5 credits)
BCWRIT 512 Poetics Seminar: Art, Technology, Practice (5 credits)

Required Second Year Courses

BCWRIT 700 Thesis (total 15 credits)

Prior to Autumn 2019: Electives at the 400-level or above (total 15 credits)

After Autumn 2019:  BCWRIT 599 Thesis Practicum (total 6 credits) or appropriate equivalency

Applying for the Master's Degree

Students must apply for the master's degree by the relevant deadline, and should select the thesis option.

Request the Master's Degree

All degree requirements must be met prior to the end of the final quarter of study if the application is to be approved. In addition, registration must be maintained for the entire quarter in which application for the degree is made. A student who does not complete all degree requirements by the last day of the quarter must be registered for the following quarter.