Laura Burgher, '15

Laura BurgherLaura Burgher is a multi-genre writer and educator. Her undergraduate studies in Anthropology fostered an interest in the crossover of scientific and cultural research. Laura’s Master’s thesis, The Researcher’s Book of Her/mes, is a cross-genre work focusing on the intersection between research and imagination. She is interested in exploring liminality in dream and text through a post-structuralist lens of queer theory. Her background in theater design and production steer her towards work that is visual, collaborative, and can be performed. She has participated in a handful of readings in Seattle and finds immense value in being part of a lively literary community. She is co-founder and co-editor of Small Po[r]tions Journal and Letter [r] Press, one of the most rewarding projects to come out of her time in the MFA. Laura has taught writing to both children and adults and plans to continue her career within the world of education. She currently works as a Lead Consultant in the UWB Writing and Communication Center where she hopes to expand her knowledge of education and critical pedagogy.

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