Fall Convergence on Creative Writing & Poetics


Fall Convergence 2018
Alternating Facts

September 29, 2018
University of Washington Bothell
North Creek Events Center


What is the role of creative thinking and writing in an age of alternating facts?

The twenty-first century is increasingly taking shape as a time of human conceit, environmental disaster and political hostility, governed by the concerted effort to undermine the status of facts and truth as consensual markers of social reality. In some ways, it might seem that social and political life have begun to deploy artistic strategies: policy grounded in fiction—with deep irreverence for social, cultural, and environmental consequences.

But art has, in some ways, always been post-truth—allowing creative freedom to invent and interpret facts, sometimes writing fictions, other times rewriting reality proper. As such, it may also be possible that art might have strategies for productive engagement with reality after the death of the fact. Against the neoliberal tendency to evacuate artistic thought from social and political life, perhaps it is in the language of creative writing and poetics that the new codes of social living ought to be written?

Convergence 2018 provides a forum to celebrate the ways that creative thinking and writing can be used to create pressure points on truth and its manipulation—grounded in fiction, poetry, art, and performances that can be such powerful companions to an age of alternating facts because they are situated on nodes of autobiographical intensity, personal speculation, and socially-minded intervention. Differently put, art comes from life—in ways sometimes direct, sometimes ephemeral, but always with a supposition of personal stakes that understands creative practice as a social gesture. This is poetics for the twenty-first century.

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9:00 Welcome
Jeanne Heuving, Professor and founding Director of the MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics

9:15 Featured Reading by Steven Dunn
Introduction by Rebecca Brown

10:45 Panel: Writing Art
Kristina Podesva, Colleen Barry & Thea Quiray Tagle

12:15 Lunch & book sales

1:00 Panel Technologies of the Real
Lytle Shaw, Abraham Avnisan & Katherine Behar

2:30 Featured Reading by Srikanth Reddy
Introduction: Sarah Dowling


4:00 Panel: Person & Place
Dao Strom, Terri Witek & Dylan Hogan

5:30 Featured reading by Danielle Dutton
Introduction by Rebecca Brown

Book Sales

Other Events

Alternating Facts: A Convergence Reading

Friday, September 28th
Elliott Bay Books: 1521 10th Ave
Seattle, WA

Join panelists and community members for a group reading at the Elliott Bay Book Company.
Featuring performances by: Anida Yoeu Ali, Rebecca Brown, Steven Dunn, Danielle Dutton, Jeanne Heuving, Joe Milutis, Srikanth Reddy, Natalie Singer, Dao Strom, Pimone Triplett, and Terri Witek

Hugo House Workshops

This year we are excited to partner with Hugo House in Seattle, where several of our presenters will offer writing workshops during the week of the Convergence.

These 3-hour workshops are limited in space, so early registration is recommended.

Students in the MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics are eligible for a 10% discount using the code convergence2018

Thursday, September 27, 2PM-5PM: "Applying Film Techniques to Writing" with Steven Dunn

Film uses space and lighting to evoke certain emotions. We will look at ways to make sentences and paragraphs function like how cameras zoom, pan, tilt, etc. We’ll consider what is in the visual frame—the composition of a scene. We’ll discuss high-key and low-key lighting and what effects those produce. We’ll also view a short video that summarizes camera angles, as well as read and examine passages with a filmic quality. Think of some of your favorite films, and we’ll also discuss some of the techniques and try to transfer them to writing.
Fee: $89
Register HERE>>

Sunday, September 30, 10AM-1PM: "At the Wrackline" with Terri Witek
"At the Wrackline" is a generative workshop that takes physical and imaginary lines in space as challenges to make new work. Examples include writers and artists—all practitioners welcome.
Fee: $89
Register HERE>>

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