Fall Convergence on Creative Writing & Poetics


Fall Convergence 2015

October 1-2, 2015
University of Washington Bothell

     WITH Nathaniel Mackey Renee Gladman Eleni  Stecopoulos Amaranth Borsuk Rebecca Brown micha cárdenas Sarah Dowling  Jeanne Heuving C. Davida Ingram Alex Martin Mike Katell Gregory Laynor Sarah Mangold Doug Nufer Jessica Obrist Shanghai Pearl Danielle Vogel

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This Fall Convergence will explore the written arts as these cross over into performance.  Performance usually entails the occurrence of an event which may be an author reading or an orchestrated staging.  While for some performance always assumes that the event is pre-planned and rehearsed, for others it is the very presentness of the act that counts as performance.  In these instances, writers and artists may in fact rue anything pre-planned or rehearsed. While there are certainly solo performances, many performances are collaborative.  In this Fall Convergence, we will address how the written arts traditionally have crossed over into the realm of performance and will take up new conversations and edges of what performance may entail.

All conference events are free and open to the public. 

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Thursday, October 1

6:00 Reception

7:00 Reading + Conversation

Nathaniel Mackey
Conversation with Jeanne Heuving

Friday, October 2

1:00 Performance, Bodies, and the Sensorium
             Moderator: Sarah Dowling
             Eleni Stecopoulos
             Gregory Laynor
             Jessica Obrist

2:00  Performance, Technology, Installation
Moderator: Amaranth Borsuk
             micha cárdenas
             C. Davida Ingram
             Danielle Vogel


3:30 Reading + Conversation

             Renee Gladman
             Conversation with Sarah Dowling

4:30 Performance, Technology, Concept
Moderator: Jeanne Heuving
             Amaranth Borsuk
             Sarah Mangold
             Doug Nufer

5:30  Book Sales and Signings / Refreshments

6:00 Performance, Music, Dance
Curator and Moderator: Rebecca Brown
              Mike Katell
              Alex Martin
             Shanghai Pearl

*Times may be subject to ​change.

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