Program Curriculum

Current First Year Courses

2020 - 2021 Schedule

Autumn Quarter 

BCWRIT 500 Writing Workshop: Between Prose and Poetry (5 credits)
T 5:45 - 10 pm, Rebecca Brown (SLN#11320) Via remote learning

BCWRIT 512 Poetics Seminar: Art, Technology, Practice ​(5 credits)
TH 5:45 – 10 pm, Ted Hiebert 
Section A (SLN#11321) Via remote learning
Section B (SLN#23748) By arrangement

Winter Quarter 

BCWRIT 501 Writing Workshop: Between Fact and Imagination (5 credits)
T 5:45 – 10 pm, Ted Hiebert, w/ visiting artists in residence Jenn Givhan and Layli Long Soldier
Section A (SLN#11217) Via remote learning --Synchronous
Section B (SLN#21904) Hybrid

BCWRIT 510 Poetics Seminar: Cultural Change and Writing (5 credits)
Th 6 - 9 pm, Ching-In Chen (SLN#11218) Via remote learning--Synchronous

Spring Quarter 

BCWRIT 502 Writing Workshop: Processes of Thinking and Memory ​(5 credits)
T 5:45 – 10 pm, Jeanne Heuving (SLN#11149) Via remote learning--Synchronous

BCWRIT 511 Poetics Seminar: Writers’ Research ​(5 credits)
Th 5:45 – 10 pm, Joe Milutis (SLN#11150) Via remote learning--Synchronous

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