Career Pathways

students working at laptopAn MFA degree qualifies graduates to teach at universities, four-year colleges, and community colleges, as well as in K-12 programs (with additional certification). In addition to careers in teaching, the MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics prepares graduates to work in fields in which writing and critical thinking abilities are needed, including many communications, journalistic, and public relations positions. Writers are increasingly sought for diverse public, profit, and not-for-profit industries to create web sites and to engage in other web-driven modes of communication. 

For those students wishing to pursue further graduate work, an MFA degree in Creative Writing and Poetics prepares them for Ph.D. work in diverse fields of the humanities and the arts.

Alumni Stories

MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics alumni employ their creative practices in a variety of ways.  Learn what some of our graduates are up to!