Welcome and thank you for your interest in the MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics at the University of Washington Bothell.  The Student Ambassadors are current graduate students in the MFA program who have volunteered to connect with prospective and newly admitted students and answer any questions you may have about the student experience. Read more about our Student Ambassadors below and feel free to reach out directly to them by emailing mfaamb@uw.edu.

Meet the MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics Student Ambassadors

Amanda HurtadoAmanda Hurtado, 2015 Cohort

I am interested in avant garde poetry of the 20th and 21st centuries, especially French and American Modernism, Oulipo, and Language Poetry. My writing explores etymology, sound, translation, visual noise, white space, geographical space, writing technologies, and transmediation.

This program has given me the opportunity to immerse myself in experimental and innovative poetry and discover new areas of interest with the guidance of amazing professors, thoughtfully curated reading lists, and a full-year of wonderful events, lectures, readings, symposiums, museum visits, and an impressive list of visiting poets and artists.

During my first year, I wrote 3 chapbooks, a full-length book of poems, received funding to attend a poetry conference at the University of Buffalo, and collaborated with a small team of my fellow first-years to build a sound poetry karaoke set and video interface. I also gained experience reading my work in front of an audience and giving presentations.

Among the available facilities on UW Bothell campus is the Jik Ji print studio and the Makers Space where I had access to a Risograph printer, a perfect binder, a laser cutter, and 3D printers.

The program’s faculty and staff has been accessible and supportive every step of the way. I have found no shortage of opportunities, resources, and inspiration.

Contact me at mfaamb@uw.edu.

Nicole McCarthyNicole McCarthy, 2015 Cohort

I typically blend poetry, fiction and nonfiction with images & found media to create hybrid works. One of my main goals as I write in this program is to redefine what poetry and prose should look like/sound like in an attempt to cast aside classifications all together. My work tends to balance on the line of personal and universal, traversing issues of identity, gender, and place. I'm also interested in exploring how nuanced memory is - how reliable/unreliable it is, how it manifests itself in the body, etc. Moving forward, I plan on continuing my work with experimental poetic performances & the integration of mixed media & I imagine that my projects will evolve into digital technology & how my body can be intricately involved.

The faculty & cohort in this program has supported me from the beginning as I meandered down many creative endeavors that intrigued me & felt necessary to my development as a writer. The room for exploration here is boundless, & this program has pushed me to experiment with styles of writing (& thinking) that I never would have encountered on my own. I know I will continue to draw inspiration from my time at UWB, as well as the friends & faculty I've connected with, long after I graduate.

Contact me at mfaamb@uw.edu.