Student Ambassadors

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics at the University of Washington Bothell.  The Student Ambassadors are current graduate students in the MFA program who have volunteered to connect with prospective and newly admitted students and answer any questions you may have about the student experience. Read more about our Student Ambassadors below and feel free to reach out directly to them by emailing

Meet the MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics Student Ambassadors

Tracy Gregory, 2014 Cohort

I primarily write poetry through the use of appropriation as I work with multiple source texts and images. The end result usually takes the form of erasure, collage, and/or concrete poetry. Although, this program has allowed me to write comfortably without situating myself in a specific genre, which has broadened my notions of what poetry can be. Currently, I am exploring ideas of subject and abject bodies within my work in order to question the language and identities that are prescribed to us from our surrounding environments.

UWB's MFA program has confirmed that the work I am interested in has value not only through encouragement from the wonderful faculty and students in both cohorts, but through the curriculum. We read a range of contemporary and non-contemporary novels, novellas, poetry, memoirs, essays, literary criticism, and multi-genre pieces (to name a few) that take on diverse voices and identities in intriguing forms that are, unfortunately, not experienced that often in academic settings. I now have a better idea of where and what community of artists my writing can be situated in.

The program also encourages community building and provides us with career opportunities outside the program. The Jik Ji Print Studio on campus has allowed some of the students to start their own literary journal, which I have now had the pleasure of joining the journal's editorial board. The faculty passes along internship and job opportunities (such as working with schools, non-profits, publishers, galleries, artists in the community etc.) that I have also benefited quite immensely from. This is not just an MFA that helps you hone your interests in writing but the faculty works with you to create a realistic career path.

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Greg Prichard, 2014 Cohort

I enjoy writing prose poetry. Initially a maker of images, I became a lover of writing while an undergraduate at Evergreen State. I am interested in the fusion of images and writing, challenging and experimenting with the space the page provides. As a combat veteran I often write about my experiences in war, exploring my perceptions of what I saw and did, and how that has affected me.

This program has been beneficial to me as a writer. The cohort system helps build a community of writers and provides a valuable source of constructive feedback. The academic environment is diverse and has expanded the possibilities of my writing voice. The exploration of poetics has strengthened my understanding of the how and why of my writing, and allowed me to utilize a more critical eye when examining the works of others. When I look back at my earlier work I am amazed and pleased to see how far my writing has come.

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Natalie Singer-Velush, 2014 Cohort

I am a writer primarily of nonfiction prose and essays, though the freedom of the program has pushed me to experiment with new forms such as poetry and generate unexpected work I am really excited by. When I entered the program I was focused on exploring the place between what the memory knows is true and what it wishes the truth to be, the theme of assimilation, the geographies we chart, and the shifting definitions of “home.” During the winter I began to look closely at a lifetime obsession with the unknown and to probe into the psychic dark matter to understand how it fuels my creative practice. I began to approach the question "Do we want to know what we don't know?" through theory, source texts, and the mining of my own autobiographical archive. I found a rich space examining the technology of human memory. Moving into my second year I am building a practice and essay project that takes a broad but intimate look at the unknown in its many manifestations. 

The cross-genre, experimental and interdisciplinary focus of the program has led me to places I did not anticipate (something I believe is true for many cohort students), and equipped me with critical and writing skills that I need to craft the work I want to. The MFA faculty has supported the trajectory of my inquiry into my own art and helped me build a framework with which to support and understand it. My cohort has become a key part of my writing community and one of my favorite parts of the program.

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