Interactive Media Design

Hardware and Software Requirements

Computer Requirement for IMD Majors

Students in this program will be required to purchase an Apple MacBook Pro laptop for this program, along with critical software (Creative Cloud and Final Cut Pro).  This requirement is designed to enable students to create media products ranging from video and immersive artworks to web-based and platform-specific apps and to ensure that all students have up-to-date software and hardware that align with professional standards of production.  MacBook Pro must meet these minimum requirements:

Apple – MacBook Pro Laptop (13 or 16 inch)

  • MacBook Pro with an Intel processor i5 or i7
  • Operating System: Mac OS
  • Ram: Minimum 16GB RAM
  • Storage Space: Solid-State Hard Drive (SSD) 250 GB (or larger)
  • Laptop computer should be no older than two years in age. It must be eligible to receive OS and software updates. If you currently own a MacBook Pro laptop, you can check the computers age and specifications by clicking the “Apple” icon, on the upper left of the desktop, and “About This Mac”.

Note: It is also highly recommended that students purchase Apple Care for their laptop. The University of Washington Bothell does not provide support for personal laptops. Apple Care can be added, but must be asked for, at time of purchase through Apple Education Store or the University Bookstore.

For students who need to purchase a laptop

Software Requirements for IMD Majors

  • Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is also required for students in this program. This program is a monthly/yearly cost. Discounted versions of Adobe can be purchased online or in person from the University Bookstore.  
    • Other retailers may offer price matching or higher discounts.
    • Be careful when purchasing Adobe CC from auction sites and other discount retailers as software could be counterfeit. 

Additional Recommended Software for Majors (Free)