Bachelor of Arts

All Media & Communication (MCS) Courses

A. MCS Core Course

Key: **MCS listing dependent on topic

BISMCS 333 Media and Communication Studies

B. Tier One Courses

BIS 205 Technologies of Expression
BIS 207 Shakespeare and Film
BIS 216 Introduction to Cultural Studies
BIS 232 Introduction to Data Visualization
BIS 233 Participatory Media Culture
BIS 235 Critical Media Literacy
BIS 236 Introduction to Interactive Media
BIS 238 Language, Identity, Culture and Power
BIS 261 Introduction to Film Studies
BIS 263 Literature into Film
BIS 264 Africa on Film
BIS 313 Issues in Media Studies
BIS 317 Language, Society and Cultural Knowledge
BIS 324 Gender, Human Rights and Global Cinema (formerly offered under BIS 339)
BIS 331 Journalism and Media History
BIS 332 Global Digital Industries (formerly offered under BIS 313)
BIS 347 History of American Documentary Films
BIS 363 Politics and Popular Music
BIS 462 The Culture of the Cold War in America
BIS 464 Topics in Advanced Cinema Studies
BISAES 369 American Culture and Mass Media
BISCLA 318 Performance, Community, Identity and Everyday Life
BISMCS 471 Advanced Topics in Media and Communication
BISMCS 473 Visual Communication
BISSTS 307 Science, Technology and Society
B EDUC 476 New Literacies for Digital Learning

C. Tier Two Courses

BIS 219 The Politics of Sex Ed
BIS 282 Globalization
BIS 319 Education and Society
BIS 342 Geographic Information Systems
BIS 382 The Visual Art of Biology
BISAES 305 Power, Dissent, and American Culture
BISIA 207 Introduction to Creative Writing
BISIA 311 Creative Writing: Prose
BISSEB 333 The Individual and Society
BEDUC 474 Global Englishes
BEDUC 522 Education and the American Dream

D. Communication Practice and Media Production Courses

BIS 204 Introduction to Journalism
BIS 217 Introduction to Debate
BIS 237 Public Speaking and Communication
BISIA 344 Video Art
BISIA 350 Photography and Digital Art
BISIA 401 Literary & Arts Journal 
BISIA 450 Image and Imagination
BISMCS 234 Media and Communication Techniques 
BISMCS 240 Working with Video
BISMCS 260 Working with Audio
BISMCS 343 Media Production Workshop
BISMCS 402 Community Media Pracitce
BISMCS 472 Advanced Media Production Workshop
BISSKL 400 Policy Journal Editorial Board

E. Topics

BIS 293 **Special Topics
BIS 295 **Community-Based Practice
BIS 322 **Topics in Performance Studies
BIS 339 **Issues in Global Cultural Studies
BIS 341 **Topics in the Study of Culture
BIS 351 **Topics in American Culture
BIS 393 **Special Topics
BIS 410 **Topics in Qualitative Inquiry
BIS 485 **Topics in Cultural Studies
BIS 493 **Special Topics
BIS 496 **Community Service Project
BISGST 397 **Topics in Global Studies
BISGST 497 **Advanced Topics in Global Studies
BISSTS 397 **Topics in Science, Technology, and Society
BISSTS 497 **Advanced Topics in Science, Technology, and Society

Specific topics courses
Course # Title MCS Requirement
BIS 293 Introduction to Writing Studies T1
BIS 322 Theorizing Black Performance T2
BIS 339 Global Media and Social Justice T1
BIS 339 Politics of Bollywood Cinema T1
BIS 341 Japanese Cinema, Theatre, Novel and Manga T1
BIS 341 Caribbean Popular Culture T1
BIS 341 Japanese and US Popular Culture T2
BIS 341 Gender in Film T1
BIS 341  Girls on Film  T1
BISIA 350 Photography and Digital Art P&P
BISIA 483 Advanced Interdisciplinary Arts Workshop: Experimental Writing P&P