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Changes in the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certification Process

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards is in the process of revising their certification process. They will be rolling out four new modules for certification in the next three years and, after this academic year (2013-2014), will not certify new candidates until 2017.  (They will continue to certify teachers who are “banking” their scores and did not initially certify.)    Although new teachers will be able to begin the NB process next year with two modules, they will not be able to complete the process and certify until 2017.  As a result, teachers whose Washington State residency certificate will expire in the next two to three years will not be able to use National Board as a certification pathway.

As a result of these changes, UWB faculty decided to reinstitute ProTeach as an academic option for completion of the M.Ed. during the 2014-2015 academic year.  Details of this change will be forthcoming as they are developed.

For more information on National Board revisions visit the NBPTS website.

For click here for more information on ProTeach in Washington State.