Tuition Exempt Policy

School of Educational Studies Tuition Exemption Policy


The School of Educational Studies (SES) faculty has identified a need to exempt certain courses from tuition exemption enrollment based on the faculty and staff effort in supporting individual students in those courses, and in order to maintain academic excellence and fiscal viability. These courses are designed in such a way as to require significant staff and faculty support outside of the classroom setting, including support from departments other than SES.

Please read the current tuition exemption policy here.

Registration Procedures

In order to register using tuition exemption, students should carefully follow the steps identified in UWB registration guidelines. Questions regarding the procedure are to be directed to the UW Bothell Registrar.

Procedures and Responsible Organization

The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs is responsible for the content of this policy. Changes will be authorized through adoption by the Chancellor’s Executive Committee and final approval of the Chancellor. Students with questions or comments about this policy should contact the Office of Enrollment Management. A review of the policy will be conducted on a biennial basis.


This policy complies with the guidelines as found in:

RCW 28B.15.558

UWB registration procedures

WAC 478-161

UW Administrative Policy Statement 22.1, Section 3