Graduate Certificate in Digital Teaching and Learning

NEW: Graduate Certificate in Digital Teaching and Learning 

In this 15 credit Graduate Certificate in Digital Teaching and Learning, educators will deepen their skills and critical knowledge of teaching and learning within networked, participatory digital culture.  Educators will learn digital pedagogical strategies that support deep learning and enable new modes of support for diverse learners.  Looking beyond the classroom, educators will also learn to prepare students for full participation in civic and cultural life that is increasingly mediated via participatory digital platforms.

The Certificate appears on UW transcripts.

The Certificate can be taken as

  • A “stand alone” 15 credit program by those who are not seeking a full graduate degree,
  • An extension of another Graduate degree through a combination of 6 credits Graduate Degree electives plus 9 additional credits beyond the M.Ed. 

Teachers and other educators interested in learning more about Digital Teaching and Learning can take courses in the Certificate as part of an Individualized Program of Study in the M.Ed. or as electives in any program.  Consult your advisor.   


Required: 9 credits

  • BEDUC 476: New Literacies for Digital Learning (5 credits, hybrid). Examines "literacy" in a time of global digital communication, collaboration, and creation. Includes both critical and theoretical readings on the rapid shifts in digital culture and hands-on experience with becoming a networked digital learner.
  • BEDUC 566: Connected Teaching and Learning  (3 credits). Explores ways in which new digital media enable us learn via connection, creation, and collaboration.  Students will learn pedagogical strategies that integrate digital platforms while also critiquing the proliferation of digital tools within and outside of school.
  • BEDUC 593  Capstone Portfolio Development under one’s own domain (1 credit)

Electives: 6 Credits. Graduate Students Completing Graduate Degrees can count these electives for the Graduate Certificate and for their M.Ed.

  • BEDUC 567: Telling Our Stories as Teachers: Digital Storytelling as Reflective Practice (5 credits)
  • BEDUC 533: Coding, Makerspaces, and Gaming in the Classroom (3 credits)
  • BEDUC 568: Critical Digital Media Literacy for Children and Youth (3 credits)
  • BEDUC 571: Special Topics in Digital Teaching and Learning* (variable credits)
  • BEDUC 575: Digital Teaching and Learning in the Content Areas*  (variable credits)
  • BLTH 4XX: Health Education and Communication 
  • BISMCS 473: Visual Communication
  • BISMCS 472: Advanced Media Production Workshop
  • BEDUC 570:  Issues in Teacher Leadership in Digital Teaching and Learning* (2 credits, online. variable topics. Must be linked to another course in the Certificate. Can repeat up to 6 credits of electives in the Certificate). Quarterly topics will include such topics as assessment and evaluation in digital teaching and learning, accessibility and universal design, learning theories and digital platforms.


How to Begin

To apply for the Graduate Certificate in Digital Teaching and Learning, please contact the Graduate Programs advisor when you have the following materials ready. The advisor will open the application system for you.  You'll then complete these steps:

  1. Visit the UW Grad School Application website and click on ‘Create a New Applicant Profile’ to begin your application process:
  • In “Step 1” of the Application, choose "Graduate Non-Matriculated."
  • In “Step 2” of the Application, choose "Master of Education - Bothell - M.Ed." as the program.
  • Complete the corresponding applicant profile form, and continue to the Graduate School Application.
  1. Upload your official transcripts showing completion of Bachelors Degree
  1. Upload a current Resume
  1. Upload a 250-300 word Letter of Intent that explains why the Graduate Certificate in Digital Teaching and Learning is of interest to you and how it will support your career goals

Current Graduate students should contact the M.Ed. Advisor, Michele Graaff,, for more information on how they can apply.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Graduate Certificate for?

The Graduate Certificate is for:

  • M.Ed. or other Graduate Students who want to develop knowledge and skills of teaching and learning with digital technology, and to have completion of the Certificate on their UW transcripts. The Certificate requires a minimum of 9 additional credits beyond the M.Ed. requirements. Six credits of electives in the Certificate can also be “counted” as electives in the M.Ed. or other graduate programs.
  • Educators who are not  interested in a full graduate program but would like the Graduate Certificate on a UW Transcript


Do I Have to Complete the Certificate to Take UWB Courses in Digital Teaching and Learning?

No!  M.Ed. students can work with their advisor to create an Individual Program of Study that includes some or all of these courses (as with other Individual Programs of Study in the M.Ed., this pathway would not be transcripted.)

Students can also take courses in Digital Teaching and Learning as electives in any other M.Ed. option.  Students in other Schools are also welcome to apply to complete the Certificate.


Is Financial Aid Available for the Graduate Certificate?

Consult a Financial Aid Counselor.  Financial Aid may be available for matriculated graduate students.

Financial Aid is not available for non-matriculated graduate students.

Teachers should also consult their district personnel office for information about how completing the Graduate Credits in the Graduate Certificate will affect their standing on the Washington State Salary Schedule.


Is the Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning an Endorsement added to my Washington State teaching certificate?

No, Washington State currently does not offer an Endorsement in Educational Technology or Digital Teaching and Learning.  We have developed the curriculum to align with the International Society for Technology in Education Standards, the National Educational Technology Plan, and the Common Core Standards relating to educational technology and multimedia. 


Do you still have questions about the Graduate Certificate in Digital Teaching and Learning?  Please contact the School of Educational Studies as

Apply Now!


  1. Fill out the online application

  2. Upload Official Transcripts

  3. Upload current Resume

  4. Upload a 250-300 word Letter of Intent

Current M.Ed. Students  should contact the M.Ed. Advisor, Michele Graaff,, for more information on how they can apply.


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