Mathematics and Science Education

Mathematics and Science Education Concentration

The Mathematics & Science Concentration is designed for educators who are focused on improving access to mathematics and science education for all students. Work with thoughtful faculty researching the most current topics of teaching in STEM fields and use what you learn in improve your students’ experiences and build your own foundation of knowledge in Math and Science education. These courses will help to prepare teachers to meet the diverse needs of their students by focusing on inquiry-oriented learning, real world contexts, and authentic assessments.


The curriculum of the Curriculum Leadership Concentration at UW Bothell is comprised of four (4) courses for a total of 16 credits. Any graduate level student may take one or more of these courses, however, check course description first for prerequisites.  Click here to review the Degree Requirements for all M.Ed. Students.


B EDUC 532 Discourse in the Mathematics and Science Classroom (3 cr)

Examines essential questions regarding classroom discourse and how it relates to teaching practice and student learning in K-12 mathematics and science classrooms. Questions include: what is classroom discourse; how does it relate to learning math and science; what issues can be investigated through the study of discourse in math and science classrooms.

B EDUC 572 Issues of Equity in Mathematics and Science Education (3 cr)

Explores the distinctions between diversity, equity, and social justice in science and math education, looking at theories, empirical studies, and curriculum designs that take each perspective into account.  Examines issues within the context of teaching and designing math and science curriculum and instruction.

B EDUC 5XX Inquiry in Mathematics and Science (5 cr)

Explores nature of inquiry in mathematics and science education and develops educators' skills in designing, teaching, analyzing, and assessing inquiry-based math and science lessons and units within multiple and diverse field experiences.  Centers on the essential question, Who are you going to be as a teacher of mathematics and/or science?

B EDUC 5XX Mathematically Modeling the World of Science (5 cr)

Focuses on mathematically modeling science related problems emphasizing connections between abstract mathematics and the surrounding world.  Discusses the implications of the renewal emphasis on mathematical modeling in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM), in particular the potential of modeling authentic culturally relevant to close the Opportunity Gap.  (This course has an application product built into the course).

Optional Supporting Electives

B EDUC 465 Fostering Algebraic Reasoning

B EDUC 466 Fostering Geometric Reasoning

B EDUC 467 Fostering Statistical Thinking, Data, Graphical Analysis

B EDUC 493 Environmental Education

B EDUC 573 Fostering Early Numeracy



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