Graduate Non-Matriculated

Graduate Non-Matriculated Enrollment

Graduate Non-Matriculated (GNM) enrollment is beneficial if you are interested in professional development through specific classes and not currently looking to complete a Masters Degree Program.

GNM status allows qualified students to earn graduate credits in an area of interest. A total of 12 credits can apply toward a graduate degree but it is important to speak to an advisor to confirm how specific credits will satisfy future degree requirements.

Please know that GNM status is not available to international students on F-1 visas. Also, acceptance as a GNM student does not imply nor does it confer priority for later admission to the Graduate School for pursuit of a degree.

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Applying for GNM Status

  1. Visit the UW Grad School Application website and click on ‘Create a New Applicant Profile’ to begin your application process:
  • In “Step 1” of the Application, choose "Graduate Non-Matriculated."
  • In “Step 2” of the Application, choose "Master of Education - Bothell - M.Ed." as the program.
  • Complete the corresponding applicant profile form, and continue to the Graduate School Application.
  1. Upload your official transcripts showing completion of Bachelors Degree
  1. Upload a current Resume
  1. Upload a Letter of Intent that explains what courses are of interest to you and how they will support your career goals