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We provide a cohort model for our senior Capstone students. Senior ME students start in fall and proceed through a prescribed three-quarter sequence. Where possible, projects target potentially impactful solutions to important problems. As such, those projects generally require multiple teams working across multiple years to solve, with, however, critical and valuable milestones achieved in a given year. Like most real-world problems, therefore, projects associated with Capstone require a cross-disciplinary effort, involving when possible students from a variety of disciplines, including Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Biology, among others. The Capstone sequence also embodies cross-generational aspects. Optimal teams include not only seniors but also juniors, sophomores, and freshman, again from disciplines beyond Mechanical Engineering. An important result of this involvement by students earlier than their senior year is that it allows continuity across the years in support of a given project. Involving students across the institution and throughout their undergraduate career also gives to more junior students exposure at an early stage to the research, development, design and build steps associated with the Capstone process, steps typically required for addressing real-world problems.

Please contact Imen Hannachi, PhD,, if you wish to discuss sponsorship of a Capstone project involving Mechanical Engineering - either alone or with other disciplines (such as Electrical Engineering, Nursing and Health Studies, Computing and Software Systems).

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Imen Hannachi, Ph.D.

Part-time Lecturer of Mechanical Engineering in the UW Bothell School of STEM

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