Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering


Welcome from the Mechanical Engineering Program Coordinator

Jong YoonWelcome to Mechanical Engineering at the University of Washington Bothell!

Mechanical Engineering is a vibrant discipline in the exploration of new technology and knowledge. The Mechanical Engineering program at UW Bothell, one of three engineering programs of the division of Engineering & Math in the School of STEM, is recognized for the diversity, innovation and strength of its undergraduate program, and a dedicated profession to serving our community. Known for UW Bothell’s energetic and forward-looking atmosphere, we have recruited outstanding faculty and staff who conduct a broad scope of research and help students grow their skills and knowledge as well as cultivate critical thinking. As such, we seek to graduate students who are distinguished by their skills in design, analysis, problem-solving, communication, and leadership. Our students are also well aware of their ethical responsibilities to society.  (Vision and Mission Statement and Degree Description)

UW Bothell ME has just started an awesome legacy! Our faculty are committed to interdisciplinary work and collaboration and they are passionate about cutting-edge research. We have strong research activities in biomedical devices, underwater acoustics, granular composites, ultrasound, robotic surgery, advanced materials characterization, power/energy, and engineering policy. Our dedicated faculty keep studying and updating our curriculum to improve our students’ learning experience. The innovative curriculum enables the program to provide high-quality, hands-on training to prospective engineers and future leaders for industry and society. For example, to further make our graduates more competitive in obtaining jobs post-graduation, a small-size and hands-on machining course for our senior students began being offered after input from our ME Advisory Board, particularly from the three Boeing Company board member engineers. Moreover, the curriculum includes extensive 3 quarter-long Capstone design courses which give the students major design experience. Our project-based pedagogy also embraces our local community. Local sponsors (typically also collaborators) of our research/capstone projects range from small farms (e.g., SAgE, 21 Acres, Farmer Frog) and UW labs (APL) to start-up and international companies (e.g., Stormsensor, OceanGate, Ventec, Spiration, and many). Finally, there are several very active engineering clubs that you can join (e.g., robotics, ASHRAE, ASME, Marine technology, and Manufacturing: Student Organizations) within the ME program.

It is an exciting time in Washington and the region as high-tech industries are thriving and there are more exciting things happening at UW Bothell mechanical engineering. We invite you to be a part of it– you can apply here or support our program! Through this and other connected web sites, you can learn more about us. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I hope you will consider joining us to launch or further your studies in Mechanical Engineering.


Jong Yoon, Associate Professor and Program Coordinator