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2022-23 Quarterly Tuition & Fees
(flat rate for 7 to 18 credits)

2022-23 Academic Year
(3 quarters: Autumn, Winter, Spring*)

Incoming Student







Continuing Student







*Summer quarter tuition (elective courses) is set independently but will be approximately the same as academic quarter tuition. You can find additional information online about Tuition and Fees as well as Tuition & Fee Assesment Deadlines.

In addition to tuition listed above, students enrolled in a UW Bothell MBA program are required to pay an annual program fee of $785.00, payable with tuition each Autumn Quarter.  The fee will be used to cover expenses benefitting students enrolled in the program. It includes expenses associated with required offsite leadership courses, year-end recognition events and items, professional development activities, and miscellaneous informational meetings and program expenses throughout the year.

The tuition due date is always the third Friday of the quarter.

MBA students' tuition will stay the same during their two academic years. The program can be completed in 6 or 7 quarters, depending upon your choice of timing for electives.

You can view more tuition details in the interactive dashboard at


To be classified or reclassified as a resident, for tuition and fee purposes, a student must establish a bona fide domicile in the state of Washington primarily for purposes other than educational for the period of one year immediately prior to classification as a resident.

Residency Status

Note your residency status on the Enrollment Confirmation Acknowledgment you received. If you are classified as a "nonresident" and you believe you qualify for resident status, you may apply for a change of status.


Financial Aid

View the MBA financial aid page for information designed to help you in your financial aid research. Generous scholarships are available for select enrolled students in amount ranging from $500 to over $5000.


Tuition Exemption for Washington State Employees

The Business School at the University of Washington Bothell (UW Bothell) allows limited enrollment for Washington state employees using tuition exemption. Students in the MBA Program may use tuition exemption to enroll in any but the following MBA courses:

  • B BUS 501: Leadership, Team Process & Decision Making
  • B BUS 502: Quantitative Methods and Business Statistics
  • B BUS 503: Financial & Managerial Accounting
  • B BUS 504: Economics for Business Leaders
  • B BUS 505: Financial Management
  • B BUS 506: Marketing Management
  • B BUS 512: Strategy

Learning courses, graduate-level independent study courses numbered 600, 700, and 800, or any self-sustaining/fee-based courses. Other exclusions are independent study, thesis, dissertation, research, internships, tutorials, private lessons or practicums. In addition, certain state-funded courses or programs may be excluded from the tuition exemption program on the basis of academic or fiscal considerations.

Students will be allowed to use their tuition exemption to enroll in MBA courses other than those listed above, on a space‐available basis.

Registration Procedures

In order to register using tuition exemption, students should carefully follow the steps identified in UW Bothell registration guidelines. Questions regarding the procedure are to be directed to the UW Bothell Registrar.

The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at the University of Washington Bothell is responsible for the content of this policy. Changes to this policy have to be approved by the Chancellor of the University of Washington Bothell.