Application Deadlines

2021 MBA Applicants

We now welcome applications for the full Autumn Quarter start in September, 2021.  NOTE: For applicants who wish to join our MBA earlier than the annual Autumn Quarter start, applying to begin with an early elective course in a Winter, Spring, or Summer Quarter is sometimes an option. However, since we are currently at full capacity for an early start in Winter, Spring, or Summer Quarter, we are no longer accepting applications into those quarters for 2021. 
No GMAT/GRE is required for 2021 applications, so apply early! Questions? Join us for the MBA Information Session or email
The UW Bothell MBA program offered in Bellevue and Bothell is a flex-cohort model. A cohort is a group of people banded together for a common purpose. Students complete required core curriculum as a cohort, creating a dynamic, interactive learning experience for working professionals. The MBA cohort experience begins each September and continues during autumn, winter and spring quarters.
Elective courses, offered to all MBA students, provide students with the flexibility to select courses that fit their needs. The MBA Program consists of 64 credits: 44 required credits and 20 elective credits. Most courses are 4 credits. Students may pursue elective credits through most quarters of the program. 

2021 Application Deadlines

  • Winter Quarter:
    • At capacity; not accepting new applications.
  • Spring Quarter: 
    • At capacity; not accepting new applications.
  • Summer Quarter:  
    • At capacity; not accepting new applications.
    • NOTE:  If space becomes available, we will post an update here, so please revisit as needed. If you already began your application, we recommend opening an application for Autumn 2021 instead.
  • Autumn Quarter:

International applicants

International applicants who need an F1 visa to study and who are in the U.S. will need more time for the process to obtain the F1 visa. Therefore, international MBA applicants needing an F1 visa may apply only for autumn quarter each year.  Applicants needing an F1 visa are encouraged to apply by February 10, however applicants may still submit applications after the February 10 deadline.

International applicants who are currently in the U.S. on other visa types, and who will continue to stay on that same visa type, may apply for winter, spring, summer or autumn quarters for the MBA program.

Immigration Information for F1 students

Contact the Prospective International Student Information

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