Panopto is an online lecture capture software that allows instructors to record video, audio, and screen activity (separately or in real time) on a computer and upload it to a central web server for viewing.

Note: Panopto requires that you publish your Canvas course to upload videos. Please click here for instructions on how to set up Panopto within Canvas. If you are unable to connect to canvas or have other Canvas issues please contact UW Seattle IT at 206-221-5000 or

Panopto Login

To access Panopto:

  • Go to
  • Click on Panopto sign in icon and log in using your UW NetID and password

Through this site, you can access all of your Panopto recordings, as well as download the recorder to create new recordings.

Best Practices for Panopto

  • Close all doors and windows to prevent noise from being picked up in your lectures
  • Silence or turn off all mobile devices to prevent distractions
  • When recording, close all unnecessary programs and applications

Click here for more detailed information about best practices when using Panopto for your courses.

Why use Panopto in your Courses?

  • Provide students with recorded lectures to review and reinforce course materials learned in class
  • Create a flipped classroom experience - Record lectures and have students watch them prior to class. Use class time for questions and collaborative work
  • Record lectures ahead of time for days you know you will be gone or when snow days occur