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Google Drive is a free web-based office suite containing tools for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and online forms. Users can create new documents or upload existing Microsoft Office documents to edit and share in Google Drive with others.


Real-time online collaboration is one of the main features of Google Drive, which allows multiple users to produce and edit the same documents in a virtual group atmosphere. More details on each of the tools are listed below:

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Key Features

document iconDocuments
Word processing application that allows you to create and edit documents.

presentation iconPresentations
Create and edit slideshows or presentations with this tool.

spreadsheet iconSpreadsheets
Manage data and perform simple calculations with Spreadsheets.

form iconForms
Create online questionnaires and surveys with the Forms tool.

drawing iconDrawings
Draw mind-maps, diagrams, and other simple shapes in the Drawings tool.

lucidchart-diagram iconLucidchart Diagram
Create flowcharts and mindmaps to organize ideas


Tip: You can also connect more apps!

Connect more apps button

Add other popular and useful applications to your Google Drive for increased functionality, usability, and convenience.

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Uses for Google Drive


  • Open up a discussion in the classroom by sharing course notes with the entire class and letting students comment on the notes.
  • Post and share study guides with your students and have them fill out the guide together.
  • Give students live feedback on an assignment by having them share the document with you in a virtual conference.
  • Create surveys using Forms to gauge student opinions about the course
  • Produce collaborative brainstorming sessions by sharing a document with your students and having them contribute ideas live.
  • Create sign-up sheets with Spreadsheets to have students assign themselves to groups, presentation times, etc.


  • Take advantage of live updates to collaborate on group projects and assignments
  • Chat boxes allow students to have conversations in each document without having to switch back to email
  • Post and share notes with classmates, and allow others to add additional comments
  • Easily conduct peer reviews without having to email attachments back and forth
  • Produce collaborative brainstorming sessions by sharing documents, lucidchart diagrams, and drawings with group mates


The following video is a webinar conducted by Google with faculty discussing potential ways that instructors can use Google Drive in their work.

Note: the video is about an hour long.

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