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A wiki is a type of website that allows multiple users to view, add new, and modify existing content. An important strength of this tool is the ability for anyone with an internet connection to participate without the need for any specialized tools or extensive web editing knowledge. Wikis also track the contribution of each user. Since wikis make the process of gathering and sharing information much easier, faculty and students often use them to facilitate collaboration in their particular field of study. One of the most popular examples is Wikipedia. A number of UWB faculty and students use WetPaint or WikiSpaces, which are both free.


Although UW Bothell does not provide technical support for wikis, UW IT Connect has published documentation for how to install a wiki on your UW NetID space. Users may also be able to obtain support through third-parties that provide wiki hosting or public information on the internet. UWB LT provides pedagogical support for the use of this tool in classes. Please refer to the links below for further support information:

Information and Resources


  • have students compile and discuss class notes
  • maintain a dynamic knowledge repository
  • work on and create documentation for a group project
  • coordinate activities between different departments and disciplines
  • create a personal portfolio and solicit feedback from others


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