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Narrating PowerPoint slides

Adding voice narration to a PowerPoint presentation can be an effective way to create online mini-lectures. Research by Richard Mayer ("Multimedia Learning") and others has shown that people learn better from graphics and narration than from animation and on-screen text. Narrated PowerPoint presentations can be put into a Blackboard site or other website and can be an effective tool for faculty teaching part of their course online. Best practices for creating a narrated PowerPoint include:

  • Aim for 10 slides or less, and try to be succinct in your voice narration for each slide. Too much narration and too many slides can lead to large file sizes than may take a long time for students to download
  • Use PowerPoint 2007 or newer for smaller file sizes
  • Don't aim for perfection in your narration
  • Create narrated PowerPoints that you can reuse in different courses
  • Aim for using more graphics in your PowerPoint rather than simply text
  • Record in a relatively quiet location

For more information on how to narrated a PowerPoint, view this narrated PowerPoint on creating a narrated PowerPoint. This narrated PowerPoint was created for the UWB Hybrid Course Development Institute held in 2010, but is applicable for developing narrated PowerPoints on a variety of platforms.

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