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Blogs are online journals that combine text, images, links and videos to make a statement, share an experience, or inform others. These types of websites tend to be informal and are primarily used as a channel for communication and self-expression. An important feature that most blogs have is the ability for visitors to provide feedback by leaving comments on specific entries. In recent years, blogs have gained popularity among many people and organizations.


  • Post a video or thought and invite discussion
  • Have students track their readings, research, or write about their experiences
  • Explore an area of expertise and connect to an external community
  • Conduct peer review on written work
  • Store information and resources


Although UW Bothell does not provide technical support for blogs, UW IT Connect has published documentation for how to install a blog on your UW NetID space. Users may also be able to obtain support through third-parties that provide blog hosting or public information on the internet. UWB LT provides pedagogical support for the use of this tool in classes. Please refer to the links below for further support information:

Information and Resources



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