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Although the University of Washington Bothell does not provide support for wikis, UW IT Connect has published a limited set of documentation on how to install a wiki on your UW NetID space for academic purposes. Alternatively, there are third-party wiki providers that have made wiki creation fairly easy and may also provide user support.

UW IT Connect Self-Hosting Guides

Use the following guides and links to help you install and host a wiki on your UW NetID account space.

Third-Party Wiki Hosting Providers

These providers will host wikis for courses, projects, and other collaborative purposes:

Trouble deciding which third-party wiki provider to choose? See our wiki comparison page for the pros and cons of each one!

Wikipedia and Others

Instead of creating their own wiki, some teachers and students have chosen to contribute content to a wiki that already exists. Aside from the popular Wikipedia, there are many other wikis, both general and topic-specific, available on the internet.


Wikipedia is the largest and most public wiki website on the web. It is a general-purpose wiki, which means that its articles can span any topic imaginable. Due to its large user base, its articles are thoroughly scrutinized for accuracy and often edited by fellow contributors.

Topic: Environment

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