How-To Guides


Vimeo is a video sharing website that is similar to Youtube. A free Vimeo account allows you to upload 500MB of video or one HD video per week with no time restrictions. However, Vimeo forbids uploading video that is not self-produced and also does not allow creation of more than one account per user. 

Some faculty and staff are using Vimeo as an alternative to Youtube due to no time restrictions. Please contact Learning Technologies ( if you need help with Vimeo.


UWB LT has created the following handout Uploading-Videos-to-Vimeo.docx(MS Word) which covers the basics of creating an account and uploading videos.

Vimeo also has its own well-developed video tutorials that will guide you through the basics navigating the site and uploading video. See Vimeo Help Center: Basics to view these videos.