Skype and Webcam Installation

Thank your for choosing to participate in our webcam pilot program. Below you will find download and installation instructions for the software that will support your webcam - Skype, as well as installation instructions for your web cam. With this webcam and software you will be able to connect with other users via audio and video communication for a variety of applications. If you have further questions please contact the IT Helpdesk by e-mail at or by phone at 425.352.3456.

Downloading and Installing Skype Software

  1. Navigate to in your preferred internet browser.
  2. Insure that the tab "Download" is selected at the top of the webpage.
  3. Click "Download Skype."
  4. Download should automatically initiate in several seconds. If it does not, click "Start the download again" (*If you are running an operating system other than Windows 2000, XP, or Vista select your operating system from the list to the right).
  5. Select "Run" in the dialogue box, and Skype will begin to download.
  6. After download is complete, select "Run" again from the pop up dialogue box.
  7. Select your preferred language and accept the "terms of use." Your computer will now install the software.
  8. After installation is complete you are ready to begin the Skype setup process by selecting "Start Skype" in the dialogue box or by navigating to your desktop and double clicking the Skype icon.
  9. Upon opening Skype for the first time you will be prompted to fill out some user information. Fill out the information on both pages and select "Sign In." You should now be connected and ready to use the Skype application.
  10. In order to connect to others they must also be running the Skype application. Once your contact(s) is running Skype, add them as a friend by clicking the "Contacts" tab near the top and then clicking the "Add" button.

Installing and Using Your Webcam

  1. First, place your web cam in safe place where it will not fall or be damaged.
  2. Plug your web cam into a convenient USB port.
  3. The hardware should install itself automatically.
  4. If you are not already running Skype, open it and log in.
  5. Select a contact to connect with and click the green phone button at the bottom.
  6. Once connected you can start your video by clicking the blue "Start My Video" button right above the call button (your web cam is equipped with a microphone will facilitate audio as well as video communication).

For support, please contact the IT Help Desk at (425)352-3456.