Google Sites Tutorials for ePortfolios

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This menu allows you to insert anything from links, images, and gadgets. You also can embed calendars, documents from Google Drive, videos from YouTube, Google Maps, as well as other options from this menu.

Below is a set of tutorials which are most useful to student portfolios:

Inserting HTML

Using HTML in your Google Site ePortfolio allows a larger variety of content and more flexibility in customization. You don't have to be a programmer to know how to code for basic use calls for simply copying and pasting codes from sites such as YouTube or Scribd.

To insert HTML onto your page:

  1. Click onto the 'Edit Page' button on the top right of the page (or press E on your keyboard)
  2. Click <HTML> in the rich text editor
  3. Locate where you want your code to be placed
  4. Copy and paste a code you have found, or start creating your own!


  1. Click onto the 'Edit Page' button on the top right of the page (or press E on your keyboard)
  2. Click Insert on the top left of the page, then HTML Box under Gadgets
  3. Copy and paste the HTML code into the window that appears
  4. Press Save

html box screenshot

There are many resources available on the web (such as w3schools) to help you learn more about HTML and web development.

Inserting Images

Inserting an image to your Google Site is simple. To insert an image onto your page:

  • Click on the 'Edit Page' button on the top right
  • Click Insert, then Image
  • Upload the your image or choose to paste a URL 

example image with control box

 To format your image:

  • Click on the image once it is upoaded
  • A control box will appear. 
  • You can choose how to align your image, the size, and if you want to wrap text

Inserting Videos

Google Drive offers video hosting for Google Apps users. Students who want to add video to their portfolio or web page can quickly do so through a system they already use. The following instructional videos will show how to upload, share and embed Google Docs Video, specifically within UW Google Apps.

Uploading Videos to Google Drive

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Inserting Google Drive Video to Page

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Inserting Audio

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