Sharing Your Site


Sharing your Site

Video version of Sharing Tutorial

Text and Screenshot version of Sharing Tutorial

Video Version of Sharing Tutorial

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Text and Screenshot Version of Sharing Tutorial

In order to let an instructor view your site, you will have to allow access in your site settings. To do this, click on the blue Share button at the top right corner of your site to access the share settings.


Sharing your ePortfolio with your instructor requires you to share the site with the instructor’s UW e-mail so that they can view the portfolio. Make sure that the instructor's e-mail address ends in @uw.edu and not @uwb.edu; This is due to compatability issues that have arisen with some uwb.edu accounts on UW Google Apps. If you wish to share the site with people other than your instructor, any valid e-mail address will work.

Invite your instructor as an owner so they can comment on your pages as well as remove themselves from the site when they are finished looking at it. Any other people who you wish to share the site with can be invited as a viewer to prevent them from editing the page.


Once the e-mail addresses of the people you want to invite have been entered, a message box may pop-up specifying that you are inviting people from outside the domain. Click OK. The people you have invited should now be able to access your portfolio.

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