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Managing your pages /
Changing site settings

In Google Sites, all of your site settings can be accessed via the More Actions button in the upper right corner of each page. The following page contains an overview on each menu item. For more advanced customization and editing tips, see our Advanced ePortfolios page.

Page Management

To manage the current page, click on the More Actions button. This will bring up a list of options for you to print, move, and delete the current page as well as advanced page settings and options for managing the site. You can also subscribe to page / site changes if you have other people editing the page.

Page Settings (Only affects current page)


  • Revision History: This shows the edit history of the page as well as who edited the page and options to revert to a previous state.
  • Subscribe to page changes: This option will let the site e-mail  you with any changes made to the current page.
  • Page Settings: This option allows you to change the page URL as well as whether to allow comments and attachments on the current page.
  • Subscribe to site changes will send an e-mail to you whenever something on the site is changed.
  • Manage site: This link takes you to the global site settings. (See Site Management section below for details)
  • Site permissions: This link contains options for you to share the site with other people as well as privacy settings. (see Submiting Pages to Instructor for more info on sharing.)

Site Management

TIP: Click the Return to site link at the top of the Site Management menu to return to the page you were previously on.

To manage settings for the entire site, select Manage Site from the menu. This will take you to the site settings for the page.

Site Content

  • Recent Site Activity: Shows all edits made to the site as well as who made themManage site menu screenshot and options to revert edits to a previous state.
  • Pages: Overview of all pages currently on the site.
  • Attachments: Shows all attached files and which pages they are associated with. You can move attachments from a file cabinet to another page as well as from other pages.
  • Page Templates: Shows page templates that are available for your site as well as saving your own templates.
  • Apps Scripts: Here a user can manage her/his apps scripts. This is a very advanced feature, so you don't need to worry about it.
  • Deleted Items: Archive of deleted pages. You can restore deleted pages or permantly delete them. Keep in mind that any attachments on the page are permanently lost when deleted and cannot be recovered even if a page is restored.

Site Settings

  • General: Gives you options to change the site name, description, access settings, as well as copying or deleting the site.
  • Share this site: Allows you to invite people to edit your site as well as who has access to your site. (see Submiting Pages to Instructor for more info on sharing.)

Site Appearance


  • Site Layout: This lets you change and customize the layout of the site. This includes positions of the menus, layout of items on menus, as well as headers and sidebars and the site logo. (screenshot above)
  • Colors and Fonts and themes: Lets you change the default colors and fonts on the site and allows you to change the appearance of the site using a pre-defined theme and create custom themes.


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