Canvas for Students

Taking Quizzes

Your instructor may assign quizzes in Canvas for the course. You can access these quizzes by clicking on the Quizzes tab. This will bring up a list of quizzes.

Quizzes page

Click on the quiz that you are taking to view information about the it. Before taking the quiz you can see the number of questions in the quiz, whether it is a timed quiz and the number of attempts you can make, the number of points for the quiz, and the due date.

Starting a quiz page

Quizzes are usually comprised of several questions. These question can be in various formats such as multiple choice, true/false, free response, etc. The point value for each question is noted. If the quiz is timed, the timer will count down until it reaches zero and the quiz will automatically close.

Quiz question with point worth highlighted

After you are finished with the quiz, results for some questions will be automatically graded. Free response questions may not be graded immediately.

A correct answer will be highlghted in a green box with a green arrow pointing at the correct answer.

Question correct

An incorrect answer will be highlighted in a red box with a red arrow pointing at the answer you chose. Hovering your mouse cursor over the question box will cause a green arrow to appear pointing at the correct answer(s).

Question incorrect