Canvas for Students


Viewing the Syllabus On Canvas

Side navigation bar with syllabus highlighted

  • To view the syllabus for a specific course on Canvas, go to the course by clicking on its name under the Courses & Groups drop-down menu and then click on Syllabus in the side navigation bar on the left.

Assignments List

  • The assignments list can be found at the bottom of each syllabus. This list will show all past, current, and future assignments, including their due dates.
  • When you click on the name of an assignment, you will be redirected to the assignment page where more information and details can be found.

Interactive Calendar

Canvas interactive calendar

  • The interactive calendar, situated at the top-right portion of the page, shows a monthly overview of assignment deadlines. When hovering your mouse over an area of the assignments list, the calendar will highlight which day that assignment will be due. Vice versa, when hovering your mouse over a certain day in the calendar, the assignments list will highlight which assignments are due that day.