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Accessing Peer Review Assessments

Peer reviews are a great way for students to give each other feedback particularly regarding assignments that involve heavy amounts of writing. It is an opportunity for students to teach one another in the eyes of another student. Not only does the student being reviewed gain peers’ insight on their work, but the reviewer also broadens their knowledge on close reading, paying attention to detail, and develop constructive critique.  

Use the following tutorial to access peer review assessments:

Peer review notification

  • Once you have submitted your assignment, your next step will be to submit a peer review assessment
  • On the Assignment page, click onto the assignment
  • To the right, the name of your assigned peer reviews will be listed, click on the name to access the student’s assignment


Student assignment that has been peer reviewed

  • The main dashboard shows the student’s assignment
  • On the right side you can make comments using the comment box or you could attach a file with constructive comments alongside the paper
  • If there is a rubric provided by your instructor, you will also need to fill out the attached rubric for the peer review to be considered finished. To view the rubric, click the Show Rubric link [1] and enter a score for each criterion in the Points column [2]. Each rubric score will create the total points for the assignment [3]

    Peer review grading rubric
  • The assessment will be completed once comments has been saved