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Collaboarations in Canvas allows you to work on group projects by sharing and working on documents and text files in realtime with multiple people. You have the option of using either EtherPad or Google Docs to facilitate collaborations.


Accessing Collaborations

  • To access the tool, click on the Collaborations tab from the left navigation menu.
  • On the collaborations page, you will see a list of current collaborations that you are currently a part of. If you do not have any collaborations, you will be prompted to begin a new collaboration.

Collaborations homepage

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Creating Collaborations

  • To start a new collaboration, click on the Start a new collaboration button on the pane to the right.

Start a new collaboration button

  • You can select either Google Docs or EtherPad to facilitate collaborations.

Google Docs logo

Click here for the full Google Docs collaboration tutorial.

Please note: To use Google Docs through Canvas, all collaborators must have their UW Google Apps account activated (Please click here for a tutorial on activating your UW Google Apps account).


 EtherPad logo

Click here for the full EtherPad collaboration tutorial.

Please note: EtherPad has tested out to be quite buggy and often disconnected users from the document. Before you rely on EtherPad to collaborate, make sure the system works for you and all members of your collaboration team.

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