Canvas for Instructors

Editing Your User Profile


Accessing Your Personal Settings

Your User Profile, or Personal Settings page, contains your basic background and contact information as well as several other important integration tools for external sites. It is also from here that you can access your Notification Settings.

To access your user profile, click on the Account icon on the left-hand sidebar, then click on Settings

Account navigation options

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Editing your User Profile

  • To add or change your Profile Picture, click on the icon next to your name.
  • You can add an additional e-mail address or another contact method (phone number, etc.) using the links under the Ways to Contact box.
  • You can also integrate external services or social networks with which you have accounts with.
  • For Canvas Mobile Apps, you may link them to your Canvas account by clicking the New Access Token and entering the passcode when prompted.

Screenshot of settings page

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Notification Settings and Preferences

  • To change your notification settings, click on the Notifications Tab from the navigaton menu to the left.

Notification Preferences

  • You can change the frequency of individual course notifications by hovering over the gray column. Here is an example and guide of what each icon represents:

Image of notification options

  • Note that by choosing Do not send me anything, as shown for the Files section above, the notification frequency will be left blank.

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Canvas ePortfolio

e-portfolio information page

The Canvas ePortfolio is a place where you can document and showcase work with others in your course or with the public. It is also a place where you can store some of your best work to use for later in other courses or for work outside of school.

  • To create a Canvas ePortfolio, click on the ePortfolio link in the left side navigation menu.
  • From the ePortfolio introduction page, click on the Create an ePortfolio button, choose a name, decide whether you want to make it public or not, and when you are ready click on the Make ePortfolio button.

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