Canvas for Faculty

Turnitin in Canvas

Canvas allows instructors to use to evaluate the originality of student work in papers. That is, it checks for plagiarism.

Click the tutorials below to learn more about using Turnitin in Canvas

Enabling Turnitin

  • Create a new assignment


  • Click on to ‘Show Advanced Options’

  • Select ‘Online’ as your submission type
  • Check ‘Enable Turnitin Settings’
  • More options are available when you click ‘Advanced Turnitin Settings’

  • You can choose when students see the originality report, comparison options, and what not to consider when going through the plagiarism scan.

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What Students See Before They Submit

  • Students will see a paragraph before they submit a Turnitin assignment.

  • They must check the box in order to successfully submit the assignment. If they try to submit without checkign the box, they will see a reminder message.

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Accessing Turnitin Reports

  • NOTE: these reports may take up to an hour or longer to be produced.
  • Go to the Canvas gradebook to access Turnitin reports.



  • The right side of an assignment will show a Turnitin icon once a submission has been evaluated

  • Clicking the icon will direct you to this window in order to access the originality report

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