Canvas for Instructors


The syllabus feature allows instructors and students to view all assigned work in the course in chronological order. Users may find this useful, as it creates a timeline-like view and may help students prioritize their work.

Note that the course syllabus will only display work assigned via other areas of the course. For example, you can not manually add assignments to the syllabus, they must be created within the assignments feature. When work with a due date is assigned, it will automatically appear on the course syllabus.

Course syllabus assignment page

Instructors can click the Edit Syllabus Description button in the top right corner of the page to add a description or any other important information to the top of the syllabus. Instructors can write out an entire syllabus if needed, stating information pertaining to course expectations, resources, etc. Instructors can also upload a document from their computer into the syllabus for students to download.

Edit syllabus description button

If you would like to jump to a certain date, hover your mouse over the calendar in the right corner of the page. This will highlight the assignments due on that day within the syllabus.

Using calendar to jump to specific date