Sharing Media Files in Canvas


  1. Attaching Media for Download
  2. Embedding Audio and Video
  3. Embedding Images
  4. Sharing Media via the Files Section

Attaching Media for Download

New announcement window

  1. Click the  new announcement button button to open up a new page
  2. On this page, add an announcement title, text, and attach a file by clicking on the Choose File button. 
  3. Click Save to post the announcement
  4. Students can download the file by clicking on the download link

Embedding Audio and Video

  1. Click the new assignment button button to open up a new page
  2. On this page, add an assignment title and text
  3. To attach a media file, click the add Media button add media button
  4. From there, you can choose between recording or uploading a file
  5. Under the upload tab, you can choose between an audio file or a video file
  6. Once the file is uploaded, students will have the opportunity to look at the media file. 

Video uploaded


Embedding Images

  1. To embed an image, click on the add image button button to add an image
  2. There are three ways to embed an image: url, from Canvas files, or flickr
    URL: To embed an image using a url, copy the url of the image and insert it
    Canvas File: To use a Canvas File, the image must be uploaded to your Canvas Files first before they can be accessed
    flickr: Here you can search for images using key words
  3. The image will show in the text book once uploaded

Embedded image in discussion board

Sharing Media via the Files Section

In order to upload media via files, first upload your the media to your Canvas file

  1. Click the upload button, upload button  to open a new window in order to pick the file you want to upload