Canvas for Instructors

Rich Text Editor

When you are prompted to enter text in Canvas, you will often see a text box appear with a formatting toolbar at the top. This toolbar is called the rich text editor and looks like this:

Text editor bar

Each button on the toolbar has a different function. From left to right, they are:

  • Bold text
  • Italicize text
  • Underline text
  • Change text color
  • Change text highlight color
  • Remove formatting
  • Align text to left
  • Align text to center
  • Align text to right
  • Insert/remove bullet points
  • Decrease indent
  • Increase indent
  • Insert/remove numbered list
  • Insert/edit table
  • Insert hyperlink
  • Remove hyperlink
  • Embed image
  • Insert math equation
  • Record/upload media
  • Font size
  • Paragraph formatting

Using these tools can help you bring HTML text to life. Instructors and students often use the rich text editor to add voice/emphasis to text, embed visual aids, highlight important sections, and make the page look overall visually pleasing.

Example text editing

Using the rich text editor is very simple. All users need to do is highlight the text they will format (or, in the case of embedding, click where they would like the object) and click the appropriate button.

Users who are more experienced in HTML and wish to write their own code for the page may do so by clicking on the Switch Views link to the top left of the toolbar.

Switch views button

The rich text will disappear and the text box will display the page's code. Make any changes you wish. When you are finished, you may click the Switch Views button once more to preview your text's changes.

h t m l view