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Publishing and Ending Your Course

Upon creation, all Canvas courses will remain unpublished until the instructor manually publishes them. Once you have finished building your course, you will need to publish it before any students may access it.

Please note that you CANNOT unpublish your course once it contains a graded submission after you publish it. Although you may add new content to your course, students will still have access to the course unless you hide or delete the course. We will go over this in the last part of the tutorial.


Publishing a Course

  • After you are logged into Canvas, go to the course you would like to publish. Upon selecting the course, you should be brought to its Home page.

Home page of new canvas course

  • In the side bar click on the Publish button

Side bar options with publish button highlighted

  • A message will appear at the top of your screen confirming that your course was published

successfully updated screenshot

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Hiding a Course

If you would like to hide a course from your students, but do not want to end the course, you can do the following:

  • From your course home page, click the Settings tab at the bottom of the course menu. Under the Course Details tab, click the button that says Edit Course Details.

screenshot of how to find edit course details button

  • When you click the edit button, a start and end date will appear. Choose the date(s) you'd like your course to be available.
  • Also, check the box next to Users can only participate in the course between these dates.

screenshot of course dates

  • To update and save your modifications, click the Update Course Details button at the bottom of the menu.
  • Your course will now be available to students only after/between the date(s) specified.

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Ending a Course

Ending your course will make the course unavailable for participation, but students and instructors will still be able to view it.

  • From your course home page, click the settings tab at the bottom of the course menu
  • Then click onto Edit Course Details
  • Where it says Ends, enter the date you would like to end your course

Course details page with the end button highlighted

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Deleting a Course

Deleting a course will permanently delete it, so it is important to be absolutely sure you would like to do this.

  • From your course home page, click the settings tab at the bottom of the course menu.
  • Once in settings, there will be options for both deleting or ending the course on the menu on the right side of the page. Click whichever one to end or delete your course.

Permanently delete course button highlighted

*Note: If you want to delete your course because there are a lot of courses listed under the Courses and Groups menu, click here to follow a tutorial on customizing this. That way you will not lose possibly valuable information in your courses.

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