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Create a File Link

To create a file link on a page:

  • Click the Modules link.

Choosing Modules from left sidebar on Canvas

  • Click the title of the page you want to edit and then click Edit.

Click on the title of the module to edit on Canvas     Edit Button

  • In the Rich Content Editor, click to place your cursor where you want the link to be inserted.

Canvas Rich Content Editor

  • In the Content Selector, click on the Links tab. Here, you will be able to add links to other areas of the course. Simply navigate through the different categories to find the specific assignment, index, or subject to link to.

Canvas Content Selector Links Tab

  • To add a link onto the page, click on its name and it will be inserted automatically where your cursor was placed in the editor.

Canvas Content Selector Links Tab selecting an assignment to add to the page

  • You can also create a link that will allow users to create their own content pages.To do this, click Link to a New Page, name the link, and then click Insert Link. The link will be inserted where your cursor was placed and new pages that are created can be accessed through the Pages link in the left-sidebar.

Canvas Content Selector Links Tab creating a new link to a new page on the page on Canvas

  • You can also make sections of text links to other pages as well. To do this, highlight a word or section of text on your page then click on the link name. The text will flash yellow, indicating that the link has been made.
  • Click Save Changes

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