Canvas for Instructors


The Pages feature in Canvas allows users to create content pages that work best when used in conjunction with Modules. Instructors can create Pages to link content from different areas of the course, upload files to a page, embed videos and images, and keep content all in a central location.

Instructors can also use Pages to frame their coursework and assignments. Each page would essentially contain details of an assignment, and by including other media-rich content, such as images and embedded videos, the coursework would be more coherent, detailed, and informative. These pages could then placed within a module, organizing the coursework into weekly modules as shown below:

An example of using Modules and Pages together on Canvas

Pages allows you to:
Create a File Link
Insert External Links
Upload Files
Embed Videos
Insert Images
Create a Course Wiki


Editing Pages

Editing Content

  • To edit content on your page(s), click on Pages in the left side navigation menu and then click on the button on the right-side of the page

Rollback to an Older Edition

  • To roll your page back to an older edition/version, go to the page you want to rollback
  • Click on near the top-right corner of the page
  • Choose which date you would like your page to revert back to
  • Click on the button near the top-right portion of the page. Your page has now rolled back to the date you specified