Canvas for Instructors


The Outcomes feature in Canvas allow instructors to structure the course around course learning outcomes and to view the progress of the students toward achieving those outcomes. Having Outcomes also allows the student to see how the course parts connect to the overall goals of the course.


Creating and Editing Outcomes

  • To start, click on Outcomes on the left menu of Canvas to bring up that section.
  • Next, click on New Outcome to bring up this screen:

Learning outcomes page

  • Here you will be able to name your outcome and give it a description. You can also increase the number of grade scales by clicking on insert between the default scales, as well as change the point value where mastery is obtained.


  • In order to edit an existing outcome, select it from the directory and click Edit Outcome below the grading scale of the outcome.

Course mastery page

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Organizing Outcomes in Groups

Outcome organization is done using groups, which act like folders in a computer directory.

  • To create an outcome group click on New Group and this will change the outcome sub-screen where you can give the group a name as well as a description.

New outcome group


  • Once the group has been created you can drag outcomes on top of it to store them in that group. You can also have group inside of groups to create a nested structure for more intricate organization.

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Incorporating Outcomes into Rubrics

  • First click on Manage Rubrics on the right of the outcomes screen. This will bring up a list of rubrics for the course.

Course rubric list

  • Click on the rubric you want to add the outcome to, and then click on Edit Rubric in the right navigation menu.
  • Next, click on Find Outcome Criterion, which will bring up a window showing your outcome directory.

Find outcome criterion button

Adding course outcome page

  • Select the outcome you want to add to the rubric and click Import.
  • You will be asked to confirm that you wish to import the outcome to the rubric, click ok to confirm.
  • Click Update Rubric and the outcome will be incorporated into the rubric.

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