Canvas for Instructors

Importing Blackboard Courses Into Canvas

Moving blackboard course to canvas

All instructors and/or owners of Blackboard courses should archive their Blackboard content prior to Dec. 31, 2013 when the Blackboard server is retired. If you have a lot of material in Blackboard, it may be best to simply archive all of your courses and store them on your computer or hard drive, moving them into your Canvas courses in future quarters as needed.

What to Expect

A list of what content will transfer and an idea of how the course will look when imported.

Using the Course Import Tool

Step-by-step instructions on exporting a Blackboard course and importing it into Canvas using the Course Import Tool.


Other Information

Where Blackboard course content is nested and controlled through the course menu, Canvas content is presented in a "feed" style and controlled more fluidly. Because of these differences, there may be complications when importing a Blackboard course (that has been exported to a .zip file) into a blank Canvas course.

It's important to remember that Blackboard and Canvas are two entirely different learning management systems (LMS). The point of this guide is to offer the best methods and workarounds possible.