Group Tools

Upon creation, each group will have their own set of private tools. These tools include:

The tools provided in the groups are nearly identical to those provided for the course (without a few of the administrator features). The difference between the two is that group tools are only available to members within the group. Therefore, the content should be more directed and specific.

Best Practices

Some ways instructors and students can use group tools include:

  • Sending out announcements letting members know about deadlines or out-of-class meeting times.
  • Using pages to create group wikis about the group's topic focus. This way, all members can have organized, collaboratively-created content to review before a test or presentation.
  • Use discussions as a place to meet outside of class to discuss group goals, projects and responsibilities.
  • Chat or conference in real-time to group members as a substitute for a face-to-face meeting.
  • Post important documents and content in files to create a repository you can refer back to and so no files are lost in the course of the class.