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The SpeedGrader is a Canvas feature that lets instructors quickly view assignment submissions, as well as give grades and comments for these assignments in a streamlined interface.

Accessing SpeedGrader

There are multiple ways in which SpeedGrader can be opened in Canvas. You can either:

  • Click on an assignment to be graded under your To Do list.

To do list with assignment

  • Click on the SpeedGrader link in the right navigation menu when viewing an assignment.

Speed grader button

  • Or select SpeedGrader from the drop menu for an assignment in the gradebook.

 Speed grader under drop down list

Each of these options will bring you to the SpeedGrader interface for that selected assignment.

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Using SpeedGrader

When you first open SpeedGrader you will see a screen divided into multiple parts, with the primary focus being the submitted document, and the rest being the tools offered in SpeedGrader.

Speed grader interface



  1. In this section you will be able to cycle through the students' submissions using the arrows next to the student name, or the drop down menu; you can also mute the assignment, or change the settings.
  2. In this section you can download the submission.
  3. These tools are used for zooming in or out of the document.

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There are two ways you can grade a students document both are found under the Assessment section:

Grading in speed grader


1. In this section you can enter the grade manually.

2. If you have a rubric for this assignment this tool allows you to use it. You can also make comments to attach on the rubric by clicking the green message icon. On the bottom right you can see the total points for the submission.

Grading rubric



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Adding Comments

There are multiple ways to comment on the document using SpeedGrader. You can either:

  • Use the Add a Comment tool to comment on the document and also have a conversation with the student about their submission. 

                              Assignment comment box


  • Click on the Comment box on the top left of the document. This tool allows you to comment in six different ways. You can highlight a sections, draw, strikeout, and mark an area with a comment. This tool also allows you to change the color of the comment. 


Comment options


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Attaching Files

SpeedGrader allows you to attach your own files such as Word documents, voice recordings, and videos. The Attach options are to the left of the "Submit Comment" button. 

                                 Attachment options

  1. Allows you to upload a personal document such as a pdf.
  2. This button gives you the option of recording your own media or upload an audio or video file. 


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